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Daily Darsan
Instructional Vaisnava Stories Spoken During Classes by
His Divine Grace
Srila Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja

Wise Monkey

Monkeys and Sheep


The Blue Jackal

The Blue Jackal


Mother-in-Law and daughter-in-law

Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law

Sunanda Gandarbha Died Today

Sunanda Gandharba Died Today

The King is Maha Murkha

The King is Maha Murkha

Sri Gopala

Sri Gopal and the Pot of Milk

The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party


The Crane and Cat Sadhu



Indian Village

Guru Gives Glasses


Surya Deva

Blind Boy Poem


Saksi Gopal

Saksi Gopal Bears Witness


Lord Rama

Tiger, Monkey and Man


Sri Garuda

Sri Garuda and Sri Hanumanji



Follow the Instructions of Guru
A story told by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Srila Prabhupada

audio Listen to the full story by Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja

Old Wise MonkeyThat story is there. Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Goswami Prabhupada Maharaja tells this story.

One prince was there, king’s son, worldly king who was worldly opulent. His son was very whimsical, he had a very sportive minded, how to sport, how to play. Such mind is there and everyday new, new, new whims would come. One day such a whim came, he said, "I will play with a flock of sheep and a group of monkeys." Understand? "I will play with a flock of sheep and a group of monkeys, I will play with them." The king’s son thought of this and told his father, "Please bring a flock of sheep and a group of monkeys, I’ll play with them." So that was brought. There was a very nice playground, the king’s royal playground, and everyday the king’s son goes there, taking the flock of sheep and the group of monkeys and plays there.

SheepSo in that flock of sheep there was a wicked, very wicked sheep. What he does everyday? He enters into the king’s kitchen. The king’s kitchen was nearby. Many cooks were cooking there, varieties of food. They were cooking in big, big handa, big, big handa, [large cooking pots] you understand? So that wicked sheep enters in the king’s kitchen and puts its mouth in this pot, that pot, that pot, in the pots that the cooks cooked in. Then the cooks were holding the fuel, wood... "Hey! Hey!" Just driving... [the wicked sheep out] you understand? It’s a daily affair, daily affair, you understand? Daily affair going on.

So there was an old monkey in the group of monkeys, old monkey. He was observing it. One day he called all the young monkeys, he was the leader of the monkeys. All the others are younger monkeys. He called them and said, "Oh my sons, very great danger has come to us. We shouldn’t stay here, we’ll leave this place."

monkeysThe young monkeys said, "What danger has come to us? We’re very nicely taken care of here, yes. The king’s son, the king takes care of us, we’re supplied very nice food, very nice house, electricity, fan, everything, cushions for sleeping, snoring, and king’s son plays with us. What danger? You see, you have become old, your head is derailed, yes, head is derailed, therefore you’re saying this thing. We won’t... What? What, what danger? What you say?’

wicked sheepHe said, "this thing will one day happen. You see, that wicked sheep everyday enters into the kitchen of the king and the cooks are beating him with the fuel, wood. One day it will happen, they’ll beat him with the blazing fuel, wood. Then the hairs on his body that will catch fire, his whole body will burn, then that sheep will go and roll in the big stack of straw stored for the food of the horses. And nearby the stable is there, the king’s stable. There are many horses; valuable horses are there in this stable. When the wicked sheep rolls in the big stack of straw, the whole stack of straw will catch fire and the straw-roof of the nearby stable will catch fire and the stable will burn. Then the horses inside will have big burning sores coming out on their bodies.

HorseThe horses are very valuable; you are not valuable, monkeys. What value you have? Each of these horses is worth lacks of rupees. The king will call the physician and say, "Oh physician, doctor please, cure my horses of these burning sores." The physician will say, "Oh Lord, there’s no medicine for these burning sores of the horses. There is only one medicine that will be prepared and it will be prepared out of the fat of monkeys. No other medicine is there, only monkey fat."

Then the king will order, "Kill these monkeys! My valuable horses will die! What is the value of these monkeys?" Then the king will kill all of you, take your fat and cure his horses. This will definitely take place.”

But the young monkeys said, "You have become old, your head has been derailed, you have really become a mad fellow. We won’t listen to you. We are very nicely taken care of, why we’ll go? We’ll go outside and jump from one tree to another tree to get a fruit? Go to villages and jump from one branch to another, the villagers will throw stones at us and beat us with sticks and let their dogs chase us! And somebody will come up with a gun and shoot us! So this danger is there for us. We’re taken care of nicely here. We won’t follow, we won’t go."

The old monkey said, “Alright, you won’t follow me, won’t go, that’s up to you. You’ll meet death, I am going.” So he left, he left.

And that happened. One day that happened. Exactly as the old monkey was saying, that happened. One day the cooks burnt the wicked sheep with the blazing fuel, wood. Its whole body was caught up with fire; then he rolled on the big stack of straw there. The whole stack of straw was also burning then the nearby stable was also caught up with fire and the stable burnt and the horses had these burning sores.


Then the king said, “Oh! My horses will die, valuable horses!" Then he called for the doctor, physician, kaviraja, "Please, make medicine and cure my horses." The physician said, “Maharaja, Oh Lord, there is no medicine for the burning sores of the horses. The only medicine will be prepared out of monkey-fat, fat of the monkeys.”

So the king ordered, “Kill these monkeys! What value have these monkeys? Horses are valuable. Kill them, get fat from them, prepare medicine and cure my horses.” That happened. The monkeys were killed. Do you understand? Monkeys were killed. You understand this story?

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura MaharajaThe teaching is that the old monkey is guru, you understand? Who can see, who has this vision, not material vision, transcendental vision. Who is not a baddha-jiva, who is not a conditioned soul, who has no defective senses; his senses are perfect, he can see what will happen. Past, present and future, he knows everything. He can see, ‘yes, good days are coming or bad days are coming.’ He said, he forecast. If you won’t hear then you’ll welcome death.

Mahajanas, sadhu-mahajanas, they have come from the Lord’s kingdom and wandering here out of mercy just to shower their mercy on us, we the most degraded and suffering jivas. They give their instructions in the form of their message. If you hear them, if you accept, then you’ll get their mercy and we’ll be saved from this birth and death. Your human life will be successful, you’ll go back home, back to Godhead, you understand?

They are our well-wishers, they never think of any evil of us. As Krsna is Supreme Personality of Godhead, suhrdam sarva-bhutanam, Krsna is the well-wishing friend, and His dear devotees, sadhu-mahajana-vaisnavas, they are our well-wishing friends. They come here, they have descended in the material world, for the patita-pamaras, just to deliver us. They have no business here, they have no business here. Why they will come here? They are not forced to come here. But you baddha-jiva, you are forced to come. You must come here and suffer from happiness and distress because of the result of your prarabdha-karma. But they have no prarabdha-karma. They are not forced to come but they come out of mercy they come here to shower their mercy on us, to give their message. "You just hear us, you just follow us, understand this, practice it in your life, follow, then you’ll be saved from birth and death and go back home, back to Godhead."


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Svarupa will be Revealed

audio Listen to the full story by Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja

The Blue Jackal

Srila Gour Govinda Swami: Do you know Aesop's fables? Aesop's fables.
Devotee: No, I am not familar.

Srila Gour Govinda Swami: No? Fable, fable means nice story, short story. Do you understand? Aesop's fables, very famous. Once there was a jackal. Have you seen a jackal? No jackals here in Australia? They howl, "hu-ke-hool!" "hu-ke-hool!" They howl, jackals howl like that. In the evening at midnight they howl. Do you understand?

Devotee: There is a similar one here called a dingo, it is like a dog.

Srila Gour Govinda Swami: like a dog, yes like a dog, exactly like a dog. We say jackal, srgala. We say in sanskrit srgala, jackal. That jackal is also known to be very intelligent. Jackal is very intelligent. srgala bada catura, jackal is very intelligent [clever].

Blue JackalOnce a jackal somehow cut off his tail. He cut of his tail by chance and fell down in the washerman's pot. In that pot that washerman had put some blue dye, nila. When you wash the white cloth then it is dyed in blue water. The washerman does so. He has a big pot with blue water. He fell down into that big pot of water so his whole body become blue. Do you understand? His whole body become blue. So he thought of, 'Oh very strange body I have got now. I am a strange looking creature, strange body.'

Then he went to the forest and called all the animals, beasts in the forest. "Do you see me?" Yes, we see you but we cannot understand who are you, very strange creature?

"Don't you know I am king! I am king of the forest! I am the king of the forest! I am king of the forest. I have been sent from heaven to rule over you. I am king."

They said, "Oh yes, if you have come from the heavens, very strange looking creature, alright we will accept you as king." They all accepted him as king and he sat on the throne, very elevated throne. He become king and was instructing.

"You see this tail is a very nasty thing, you cut it off, you cut it off. I have cut it off, you see, now you cut it off, very nasty thing. You look at me how beautiful I am looking if you cut off this tail you should be as good as I, very beautiful." He gave such instruction. Others are thinking, 'what is he saying? I will cut off this tail? Why we will cut off this tail?'

Blue Jackal howlingSo they have some doubt who is this strange creature saying that he is king. Alright, alright, we will see, we will test him. So as soon as it is evening all the jackals begin to howl, "hu-ke-hool!" "hu-ke-hool!" And then he began to howl, "hu-ke-hool!" Hey! He is jackal, a rascal jackal. He has become king! A rascal jackal. Do you understand? The rascal jackal has become king somehow. Such a jackal, you see. Don't be like a jackal, rascal jackal. Put faith in Mahaprabhu's words, what Mahaprabhu has said. Do you understand.


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A Story About Simplicity and Faith
Mother-in-law & Daughter-in-law

In one village in India, a seven-day performance of reading the entire Srimad-Bhagavatam was going on, Bhagavata-saptah-pravacan. It is generally done in India. Many people came from neighbouring villages to hear Bhagavata-katha, bhajana and kirtana. One who has faith will come, and the ones with no faith they don’t come.
So from one neighbouring village, two ladies were coming. One was an old lady and the other a young lady, sixteen years old. They had a family relationship of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The old lady was the mother-in-law and the young lady was the daughter-in-law. That relationship they had. Regularly they would go in the evenings to the program. It continued up until nine, nine-thirty in the evening like that. Then they would come back.
One day that reciter, speaking Bhagavatam said, “Ananda bolo Hari, Hari” Chant the name of Hari, utter the name of Hari with blissfulness.

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

That Lord Hari will enable you to cross the dreadful ocean of material existence. The reciter just uttered like this. All were hearing, the young lady was hearing and the old lady was hearing, everybody was hearing. The young lady immediately, from that moment, started chanting 'Hare Krsna.' She immediately put faith. “O Lord Hari will enabale me to cross this dreadful ocean of material existence only by chanting His Holy Name!” She immediately put faith and started chanting.
But the old lady didn’t chant, you see. She didn’t chant. When Bhagavatam-pravacan was over all went back to their home villages. The two ladies started to come back. On the way there was a river. It was tidal river. The tide comes in every evening. When they went to cross the first time at six in the evening, it was knee deep water. So very easily they could cross but when they returned the tide had come in. Now it was neck deep and even nose deep water! So much water had come.

As they were walking home the young lady was going ahead and the old lady was following behind. The young lady was chanting:

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

She was just chanting and going along. She was completely absorbed in chanting, it was her exclusive thought, so very easily she crossed the river and went to the other side. The old lady, her mother-in-law, was drowning in the middle of the river, yes! There was so much water. Nose deep, she was drowning, drowning, drowning. She shouted loudly, “O daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law! You are on that side of the bank, I am drowning here! Daughter-in-law don’t you hear?”
The daughter-in-law said, “Why don’t you utter the name of Hari? Didn’t you hear? Utter that ‘Hare Krsna’ and that Hari will enable you to cross the dreadful ocean of material existence, what is this tiny river?”
Then that old lady became angry, “Hey! Are you my teacher! Huhh! Teaching me! She got angry and didn’t chant, you see. She was drowning but the young lady very easily crossed. The young lady had immediately put faith, whereas the old lady couldn’t put faith. Why is this? This is a question of sraddha, faith. One must have simple, strong faith in guru, sadhu and sastra.


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A story about accepting proper guru and guidance
and the requirements of a qualified disciple

Flock of SheepThere is a logic, nyaya called gaddalika-srota-nyaya, the logic of the flock of sheep. Gaddalika means flock of sheep. You see, a flock of sheep is moving with one sheep at the head, the front, the leader. If leader jumps into a ditch, the whole flock of sheep will jump into ditch. They never go by the other way. So this has been going on. Nobody has been serious. "Oh yes, all accept him as Guru." All say, "He’s a first class devotee, paramahamsa," like that. "So they have all accepted him as Guru, so let me accept him as Guru." But you’re not seriously thinking, is it a true fact or not?

Let me tell you a funny story in this matter. Many acaryas tell this story. This is not my concoction, acaryas say. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura has told this story.

Sunanda GandharbaThere was a washerman and he washes clothes. He was the King's washerman. He washes the Kings' clothes and he also had an ass [donkey]. Generally washerman have asses. Asses are beasts of burden as they carry heavy loads. The washerman used to employ that ass to carry the dirty clothes for washing, you see. The washerman had this ass for a long period, many, many years. At last that ass grew old and died. That washerman had given the name Sunanda Gandharba to that ass, so the ass was known as Sunanda Gandharba you see.

So he thought, “Oh Sunanda Gandharba has died today so let me shave my head and have a dip in the holy water." So he shaved his head and had a dip. The priest of king saw the washerman had shaved his head. He asked, "Why have you shaved your head?" Then that washerman said, “Don’t you know, Sunanda Gandharba died today.”
“Oh, Sunanda Gandarbha died?”Washerman
“Oh yes.”
“So it is a very auspicious... an auspicious day?”
“So let me shave.”
“Alright, you shave your head.”
So the priest of the King shaved his head. Then the minister of the King saw the priest had shaved his head. So he asked the priest, “Why have you shaved your head?”
Then the priest said, “Don’t you know? Sunanda Gandharba died today, it is very auspicious day, so I shaved my head.”
“Oh, is it? Auspicious day. . . .”
“Oh yes!”
“So let me shave my head,” the minister said.
“Alright, you shave your head.”
So the minister shaved his head. The King saw the minister had shaved his head. So King asked, “Why have you shaved your head?”
“Don’t you know? Sunanda Gandharba died today. Very auspicious day.”
So the King said, “Oh, shall I shave my head?”
“Alright, you shave.” So King shaved his head.

Maharani QueenThe Queen saw the King had shaved his head, so the Queen asked, “Why have you shaved your head? What happened to you? Why have you shaved?”
Then the King said, “Don’t you know? Sunanda Gandharba died today. It is an auspicious day, today.”
The Queen replied, “Who told you?”
The King said, “The minister told me.”
“Ask that minister to come to me.” So the minister came, then the Queen asked, “Why have you shaved your head?”
The minister replied, “Sunanda Gandharba died today.”
“Who told you?”
“The priest told me.”
“Ask that priest to come here."
So when the priest came, the Queen asked, "Oh, priest you have shaved your head, alright. Why have you shaved your head?”
The preist replied, “Sunanda Gandharba died today.”
“Who told you?”
The priest said, “The washerman told me.”
“Call that washerman.”
The washerman was called for, then Queen asked, “Washerman, who is that Sunanda Gandharba who died today? You have shaved your head and all are shaving their heads for Sunanda Gandharba? Who is he?”
He said, “Oh Queen, I had an ass... his name was Sunanda Gandharba, he died today.”

Therefore you see, an ass had died and all were shaving their heads. Nobody is inquiring who is Sunanda Gandharba? Why shall we shave our head? Do you understand the story? So this is going on, this is known as gaddalika-srota-nyaya, the head sheep in the front is jumping into the ditch and all are following without thinking. So this is like that.

In the spiritual field this [type of blind following] is not applicable at all. You should know it very clearly. This is never applicable. One should be very serious, one should be very inquisitive to understand it clearly. Do you understand? And Krsna will give you intelligence, yad yami buddhi yogam tam. In the Gita Krsna has said this, I’ll give him buddhi, intelligence. Pure intelligence comes from Krsna. Who is very serious about Krsna, to know Krsna, to understand Krsna. But nobody was serious, so this thing took place. Do you understand? So now you become serious. Pray to Krsna, Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Srila Prabhupada from the core of your heart and I have full belief, firm faith They must help you. Understand? Yes. They must help you. They will give you intelligence to know the person who is a bona fide Guru, you understand, Krsna will help you, definitely, Mahaprabhu will help you, Prabhupada must help you, he is so kind, you understand?

This is sastric injunction and it is practical, it’s quite practical. It is never concocted or theoretical speaking. I am not speaking theoretically, it’s practical. This is my practical experience. This is my practical experience how I could get my spiritual master. This is my practical experience, you see. So be serious and do not follow like the flock of sheep.


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A Great Foolish Person
A story about real wealth and the Holy Name
Maharaja Procession

There is a story. One babaji maharaja was chanting Hare Krsna very happily and blissfully, sitting underneath a tree. He had some followers sitting there with him. All were chanting as the King of that country was going by on procession. Many ministers were there, the commander in chief, soldiers, so many, such a grand procession was going on.

Vaisnava ThakuraThe King saw this person was sitting underneath a tree chanting, and some were singing. The King couldn’t understand. He asked his minister, “What is he doing? Who is he?” The minister said “Oh my Lord, these people are great fools, murkhas. Great fools! They only create disturbances, nothing else. They are great fools, great fools.” The minister said like that.
The King went past and proceeded to enter his palace. That night he was thinking very deeply; 'That minister said that person was a great fool, a maha-murkha.' So, early in the morning the King called the mantri – his minister and said, “Oh minister, you go out into my kingdom and find out who is the greatest maha-murkha? Ahh! Who is a great fool." He gave a gold coin to the mantri and said, "This gold coin is the reward that should be given to the maha-murkha. Do you understand? You take it and go and find out and report it to me in the evening. If you can’t do it, your head will be cut off!”King's Minister

So the minister went out and traveled throughout the kingdom. Whom he suspected he asked, “Are you a maha-murkha?” "What? Am I maha-murkah? I am an all-knowing person!” Nobody admitted that he was a maha-murkha? The mantri became frustrated and thought, 'Now it is gong to be evening, the sun is going to set and my head will be chopped off! I cannot find a maha-murkha!' So he was very morose and distressed.
At last he came to the cottage of that babaji maharaja who was sitting and chanting blissfully. The minister walked up and babaji maharaja looked at him and said, “Oh you are the minister of the King." The babaji had seen him on that day of the procession, the minister and the King. The babaji asked, "Why is your face morose? Why are you like this? You are so distressed. What happened to you?”

“Oh babaji maharaja, the King gave me this reward, a gold coin to find out who is a maha-murkha. Who is the greatest fool in the kingdom. This reward will be given to him, but I couldn’t find anybody, and my head will be chopped off." The babaji said, “No, no, no, I am that maha-murkha. I am maha-murkha, yes, your head will never be chopped off. Just give it to me.” The minister gave the gold coin to the babaji and immediately the babaji took the gold coin and threw it in the garbage pit. 'Ahh! Maha-murkha! Really who can throw a gold coin into the garbage pit?' The minister thought. 'Definitely he is maha-murkha.'
So the minister became very happy and went to the King and reported this to the King. “That babaji was maha-murkha. I gave him the gold coin and immediately he threw it in the garbage pit. Who can do that? Definitely he is maha-murkha.”
This is the story. So after a few years the King was going to die, lying on his death bed. He cannot survive, all the doctors declared the King had a very incurable disease, it could not be cured, definitely he will die. The astrologers came and calculated and said, “O bad blood, very evil grha (house) planet, rahu is there, he will die.”

So all were crying, the King’s queens are crying. He had one dozen of queens and they were all crying. The King was also lamenting, “O alas! I am going to die, I cannot survive, die, die, what shall I do? I have earned so much wealth, such a great kingdom I have. I am just going to die, leaving all these things." The King was just lamenting like that.
That babaji maharaja got this message that the King was going to die. So babaji maharaja came with that gold coin to meet the King. “O King, why are you lamenting, why are all the citizens in the kingdom crying? Your Queens are crying. Oh, why you seem to be lamenting very much, what happened?”
The King said, “Oh babaji maharaja, I am going to die, I cannot survive. I am going to die! I earned so much wealth, so much opulence everything will be left here. I am going alone, I am going alone, nothing will go with me, I am dying.” Babaji maharaja said, “You earned so much opulence, such wealth, nothing will go with you? Why did you earn such dhana? You cannot take anything. You are definately maha-murkha! Yes! You deserve this reward, take it! Yes! Take the gold coin because when you go on the way you cannot take anything, wealth is required on the way. You have not earned the real wealth, the invaluable wealth of the holy name:

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

You are definitely maha-murkha!”

This is a story you understand? Yes, the Hare-nama is such dhana. The robbers will not take it. The brothers will not demand share of it. The government will not levy taxes on it, but if you earn in this material world, that money, then the robbers will take, and your brothers will demand a share, isn’t it? The government will levy taxes and you will be put into dangerous situations with robbers and dacoits. They will come, stab you and take it away. Isn’t it? But the Holy Name is such a dhana. If you earned it you are in the safest position and this dhana will go with you at last to Krsna-loka, baba! It will take you to kingdom of Goloka Vrndavana. Ei nama balti balti braja chelere bhakativinode bolte chelere. By chanting His Name you will go to Braja bhumi!


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A Story About Simplicity and Faith
Mother and Child

In a small village far on the other side of the jungle, one boy and his mother were there. She only had one son, a five year, six year old son. They were very poor. The son had attained his sixth year crossing the fifth year. Chanaka Pandit says, "Up until five years you maintain and take care of your child, son, but when he attains the sixth year, then you will have to send him to the school for education. The rod is required, spare the rod and spoil the child." 

That period had come, so mother thought, "Oh, I must send my son to the school now, he is six years old."  The school is far, far away and some jungle is on the way. So she went and admitted her son to the school and then said, "Oh my boy, every day you go to school and get an education." 
Following the path to school the boy went into the jungle. Tigers were there, lions were there, ferocious animals were there, all were roaring! This very young boy, six year old boy became afraid, terrified! He became terrified and afraid. Then coming back he said, "Mother in the jungle I was very much afraid, terrified! The lions were roaring, tigers were roaring, ferocious animals were there. Oh, how can I go to school?" 

His Mother was completely Krishna conscious. She said, "Hey don't you know your friend Gopal is there?" Mother said, "Don't you know your friend Gopal. Why don't you call your friend Gopal? He will come and help you. Yes, He will come and help you. When you become afraid, you loudly call out, “Gopal! Gopal! Gopal!  Please come! I am afraid!” Just call your friend and He will come." 
So he immediately put faith in what mother had said, "Oh where is my friend Gopal?" His mother said, "You just call out to Him." He did just like that.

Gopal in the forest

The next day when he went to school in the midst of the jungle he called out, "Oh Gopal! Gopal! Gopal!  I am afraid, where are you? Please come to my side." Immediately Gopal appeared. "Yes my friend, what are you saying?" "Oh I am afraid!" Gopal said, "Why? Why? Why... the tigers? I am here, don't be afraid." So He went with the boy and helped him cross the jungle so he could go to school.

Sri Ganesh & Sarasvati

One day there was a festival planned at the school. They offer worship to Sri Ganesh and Sri Saraswati, Ganesh-puja, Saraswati-puja. In Indian schools they have special worship to the demigods, Ganesh-puja, Saraswati-puja because they will give you vidya, education and mudane knowledge. So that occassion was now coming for the children to worship Sri Ganeshji and Mother Saraswati.

The teachers there were levying some taxes on the students because a festival would be performed. The students were asked to bring from their parents some contribution but he was a poor boy. The teacher said, "Alright, you must give five rupees for the festival."
So he came back from school and asked his mother, "Mother, there is puja for Ganeshji and Sarasvati. The teacher said, I have to give five rupees. Please give me." They are poor, they have no money. She said, "There is no money, you ask your friend Gopal instead. Whatever you need, you ask your friend Gopal, He is ready to help you. You understand? You just ask Gopal. " So in the jungle he called out to his friend Gopal, "Oh Gopal! Gopal! Gopal!" Gopal came immediately. 

"Yes my friend? What do you say?" The boy said, "Oh our teacher has said that on Ganesh-puja day we are levied five rupees. My mother said we are poor, we have no money, so please help." Gopal said, "On the festival day they are preparing and making a great feast, isn't it?  Rice, dhal, sabji, khir - a grand feast! So ask your teacher, whatever milk is required for khir, I will give. If the teacher says, 'yes' then I will give to you, I will send it."

Back at school, the teacher said, "Have you brought money?" The boy replied, "No, my mother said we are very poor. We have no money, but I have my friend Gopal. He has told me to give the milk required for khir."

"Oh, you'll give such amount of milk? A very grand festival is being arranged, big, big handa (pots), at least five big pots of khir will be prepared. So much milk will be required, at least seventy five litres of milk will be required." The boy said, "Yes, my friend Gopal has said He will bring all the milk." The teacher said, "Alright, very good. Bring the milk on the puja.

Sri Gopal Milking cows

So the puja day came and while he was going through the forest he called out, "Gopal! Gopal! Today is puja day, You are to give milk today. My teacher said, 'Bring all the milk for khir." So Gopal gave one small pot of milk. "Take this milk and give it to the teacher."    
He was a simple boy, so he just took it and gave it to his teacher. His teacher said, "Hey, this is a small pot of milk you have brought. We require seventy five litres of milk, what is this? It is such a small pot!" The boy replied, "My friend Gopal has given the milk required, it will meet your requirement."

"O, achha! It will meet our requirement!?"
"Yes, this will meet your requirement."
"Seventy five litres is required, there is not even one litre in this pot, it is very small pot! Alright you pour it." The boy poured the milk from the pot. It is pouring, pouring and the pot is never becoming empty! It is pouring, pouring, pouring, and never becoming empty!

The teacher was amazed, "Oh amazing! This is so wonderful! Oh, you have such a friend! Hey, can I see your friend? Can I see your friend? Such a friend you have! And such a small pot of milk! Never becoming empty! Oh I want to see your friend." The boy said, "Alright teacher, I will ask my friend, 'My teacher wants to see You.' If He says, 'yes,' then I will take you to my friend."
So on returning home he called his friend Gopal. "Gopal, my teacher became amazed and she wants to see You." Gopal replied, "No, no, no, no! Your teacher cannot see me, she has no faith in Me."
Do you understand? This is a question of faith. This small boy immediately put faith, immediately put faith and he got, he got Gopal. Do you follow?

Sri Gopaljiu


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An Expert Navigator is Required to Lift the Anchor and Ferry
the Disciple Across the Ocean of Material Existence

Wedding Procession

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupada Maharaja tells a story and gives a teaching. This is on marriage:

One big jamidara [zamindar], great landlord, very materially opulent person was there in Calcutta city. He had a son. He arranged the marriage of his son with a girl in Shantipur. The marriage negotiations were made. They were going to the bride's house. The bridegroom's party were walking, padayatris. They were taking the bridegroom to the bride's house. The marriage will take place there. This system is not there in your West. Is it there? No. This is Vedic system of marriage.

The bridegroom’s party was proceeding. In the party was the bridegroom's father, uncle, aunt, grandfather, some friends and relatives. This was the party, several hundreds of people, yes. The bridegroom was decorated, nicely. They are going with the party in a big procession. So they have to follow the path that crosses the river to reach Shantipur. They went to the bank of the Ganges and called the boatman: “Boatman, bring boat. We have to go to Shantipur. We are going to give marriage to our boy. The whole party will go. Get a big boat so that some fifty persons can be accommodated or more than that, a nice boat, and then take us to Shantipur. We have to reach the brides marriagehouse by an auspicious time. The auspicious moment the marriage will take place is at 4.00 am. We have to reach there prior to that. At that auspicious moment there will be the tying of the hands of bride and bridegroom.” Previously tying of the hands was also there in marriage. Connection will be made, relationship will be established by the tying of the hands. “We have to reach there before that. Will you do it?”
“O yes, I can do it.”
“So you should row the boat very quickly so in sufficient time we'll reach our destination, Shantipur.”

That boatman said, “Yes, I can do it but I have to engage some more men. Some men will pull the rope, some men will row, then we'll do it.”

“Alright you engage them and I'll give you more money. Whatever your due I'll give some bhakshish, some reward to you, some hundred rupees more I’ll give you.”

“Alright.” He was very happy and engaged the men. So all men in the bridegroom's party they got into the boat by then it was night time, they were all sleepy. The boatman said, “You sleep and snore, don't worry. We'll take you there so you reach in the proper time.”

So inside the boat they all lay down and slept. The whole night the boatman and his associates were rowing, rowing, rowing the boat. But when the day dawned and the sun was going to rise they saw, “Oh, the boat has not reached! Oh what has happened? The boat has not moved an inch! It's just here where we started.” So they were quarreling among themselves, “Hey! You have not done any work, you have cheated.“ The boatmen were quarrelling among themselves.

Hearing that quarreling, the members of the bridegroom party woke up, “Oh, what happened? Oh, the boat is just here! It has not moved one inch! What happened? Oh boatman! You told us to sleep, so we all slept. You said, you would be able to reach our destination at the proper time, yes, in sufficient time I'll take you to your destination, what happened? The boat has not moved an inch.”

Boatman said, “We have not cheated. All night we were rowing and rowing. Look at our arms, all of us are aching, perspiration coming, we are not lazy fellows.”

“You may not be lazy fellows, you may not be sleeping, but what happened, the boat has not moved an inch!”

So one old man was there in the party, he said: “Hey maji! Oh boatman, have you lifted the anchor? See! See!”

“Oh, the anchor has not been lifted... Oh.”

Anchored BoatThen they saw the anchor had not been lifted. It was stuck in the mud, very heavy anchor. You were rowing all night, how will the boat move, baba? You are such a foolish boatman! You are a foolish boatman, you don't know how to row the boat and you don't know how to take it to the destination.” They scolded him.

He admitted his fault, “Yes, that fault I have committed.” Then they became very angry, everything is spoiled now, lakhs of rupees was wasted. No marriage will take place now. The moment is gone. What will the bride's parents and friends, relatives will be thinking?

This is the teaching from this story. You may be doing sadhana and bhajana, but if you have developed a very strong attachment to this material world and material objects of enjoyment, you have not given them up, what will happen? Your relationship with the Lord cannot be established. You have a perfect, eternally perfect loving relationship with the Lord, but if you have not given up your strong attachment toward the material world, material objects of enjoyment, in spite of doing sadhana and bhajana, your relationship with the Lord cannot be established. This is the first teaching.

Teaching number two. What is that strong anchor? This is allegorical story. This material attachment is the anchor. You have not lifted the anchor. Understand? Yes. You have not lifted the anchor and rowing the boat! How will the boat move, baba? Boat has to move across to the other shore, how to ferry across? How your boat will move across this dreadful ocean of materialistic existence, this great ocean, and go to the other side? The other river bank is the spiritual world. It is impossible! This material attachment is the anchor. You have not lifted it. And the maji, the boatman, who is the navigator in the boat is a foolish boatman, boka maji, he has not lifted the anchor and is rowing the boat. This foolish boatman, foolish navigator is the so-called 'guru.' He is not a real guru. Only by name he is guru, he has become 'guru'... put a stamp ‘guru.’ By name only guru and surrounded with so many anarthas, he is a conditioned soul. How can he ferry you across this dreadful ocean of materialistic existence? He has not lifted the anchor. This is second teaching.

And the father of the bridegroom and members of the bridegroom's party, they are the so-called students or disciples of that foolish boatman who is a so-called guru, by name guru. They are the disciples. They have faith in that guru who is surrounded with so many anarthas, a conditioned soul that has become guru. That is next teaching.

And the allegory behind the vivaha, the marriage is the relationship with the Lord that is to be established. That is the meaning of the vivaha, marriage. That is the allegory behind this story. The perfect eternal relationship you have with the Lord will be established, that is vivaha. At the subha-lagna, the auspicious moment, yes, astrological calculation in the calendar ascertains this moment is very auspicious, at this moment the bridegroom and bride's hands should be tied. What is that auspicious moment? What is the allegory behind it? That is this rarely achieved human birth, sudurlabha manava janma. Though this human form of life is temporary and is rarely achieved because in this birth you can develop complete Krishna consciousness, paramarthika labha. This is subha-lagna, the auspicious moment. Then rowing the boat and pulling the ropes, all of these things is compared to sadhana-bhajana. This is such an allegorical story.

So the so-called guru is very much attached to this material world. So many anarthas he has. He has become guru and he has some sisyas, disciples, they are also like the guru. Like-guru, like-sisya. Like-guru, like-sisya. The sisyas all have strong attachment to this home and hearth and the material world. They have not given up such a strong attachment. They have so many material desires. Some also have desire for liberation. Still they are doing sadhana and bhajana. They are just posing, only posing. They are just like a theater party putting up drama in a theatre pandal, on a drama stage. Only hypocrisy is going on. If this will go on what will be the consequence baba? Can you reach Sri Krsnathe destination Shantipur? The destination is the lotus feet of Krishna. You cannot reach. You'll never reach. In other words, you cannot develop krsna-prema, you cannot render loving service unto the lotus feet of Krishna. This is only wastage of your rarely achieved human birth. The purpose, the goal is never achieved. As long as you have attachment to this body, home and hearth, strong material attachment, always hankering after your own bodily comfort, own sensual enjoyments, material enjoyment, all these hankerings, all these attachments, they will act as anchors stuck in very deep mud. If they are not lifted, how the boat will move? You have to lift this anchor, baba, understand? You have to lift this anchor. This human body is a boat.

nr-deham adyah sulabhah sudurlabhah
plavah sukalpah guru-karnadharam
Bhag. 11.20.17

This nr-deham, this human body, rarely achieved human body is a very nice boat to ferry across this dreadful materialistic existence. Nice boat has been given to you but you have to place an expert navigator or boatman, not a foolish one, as this foolish person cannot lift the anchor and then rowing the boat. You should be intelligent enough to find an expert navigator, understand?

You have to lift that anchor. How will this anchor be lifted? It is very strong, very deeply fixed in the very deep, thick mud, how will it be lifted? How this anchor will be lifted? It will be lifted by the mercy of sadhu-guru-vaisnava. Unless you get the mercy of sadhu-guru-vaisnava this anchor cannot be lifted. You have to surrender. Go and approach such a sadhu-guru and surrender at his lotus feet. And you have to hear Bhagavata-katha, krsna-katha regularly, daily from him. Sravana and kirtana you have to do this under his guidance. This sadhana-bhajana you have to do under his expert guidance thereby rendering service, pleasing sadhu-guru-vaisnava. Getting his mercy is very powerful. Then this anchor will be lifted. Then very easily this boat will ferry you across this dreadful materialistic ocean and at last you'll reach Shantipura. The allegory of Shantipur is that it is a pura where only Krishna’s loving service is there, krsna-seva rajya, the kingdom of Krishna’s loving service. That is Shantipur. That is the destination.

Srila Bhaktisiddanta Sarasvati Thakura MaharajaBut you have not lifted the anchor. You are only aspiring, hankering after, desiring the comforts of your body, pleasure of your body, pleasure and happiness of your own senses, and doing sadhana-bhajana, your boat will never reach such destination Shantipura.

This is the story that Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupada Maharaja tells and gives this teaching.


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The Crane Becomes a Vaisnava

craneBakadarmic baka, what do you say, baka, bakasura, crane. The crane becomes a Vaisnava, yes. He put some cotton in his beak to drink water. The fish came, small fish swam up to the crane and said, “O baka baba what happened? You are drinking water with cotton in your beak.” The baka said, “O yes, because least you’ll enter into my beak I do not want to eat you. I have become a Vaisnava now, don’t you know? Tilak is there, chanting beads are there. I have become Vaisnava. Ahh! So unless I put this cotton in my beak to drink water least you’ll enter. So I won’t eat you now.” The fish became so happy, “O he is not eating us!” So the fish came and played before him fearlessly.
Then that crane thought, “Oh in order to catch one little fish I have to stand for hours together with concentrated attention to catch only one little fish. Now they are all coming too me and playing. It is a very great opportunity, golden opportunity. Very easily, without any effort I can eat the fish!” He now simply scoops the fish up and eats them all.
This bakadarmika, is a hypocrite. Such a person is envious, though he is a vaisnava-sadhu. He cannot understand this paramdharma tattva. Niramatasaram satam. Only non-envious devotees can understand this tattva. Param dharana tattva bhagavata dharma tattva that bhagavata teaches, otherwise no one can understand. Who is completely free from this desire of enjoyment. Completely free from this desire of sense enjoyment. Only he who is absorbed, completely engaged cent per cent engaged in loving service to Krsna. Giving all enjoyment to Krsna and not enjoying anything for himself. Why you’ll become envious. Why you have become intolerant and envious. No, this is the only reason for intolerance, enviousness and developing enmity. This is the only reason, this sense enjoyment, thinking oneself the enjoyer. Krsna is the enjoyer. Just thinking how I can get more and more enjoyment. I give no share to anybody only I’ll remain and enjoy.

The Cat Becomes a Vaisnava

Miraman sat sarvarm. One who is non-envious, nirmatsaram. One who is not envious, such a devotee can understand. Satang means devotee, Vaisnava who is non-envious. One who is really a vaisnava-sadhu he is not envious. He knows that coming to the path of this Vaisnavism, if one becomes envious, then he is not a Vaisnava, he is a hypocrite just posing, he is a cheater. As for example, this bakadamika, viradi vaisnava. The cat that became a Vaisnava, and puts on some tilak. He is holding chanting beads, chanting ‘Hare Krishna’ and catching danda. He says, “I am a Vaisnava sannyasi now.” Then the rats came and said, “O viradi baba, meow baba, what happened to you?” Then the cat said, “O, I have become a Vaisnava. I am not eating rats, or fish  actually I am not eating any meat at all!” The rats said, “O the cat has become a Vaisnava now, viradi vaisnava, viradi baba, cat baba. He has put on tilak, he is a new baba now, holding a danda now, and a chanting bead, chanting ‘Hare Krishna.’ Then the rats became fearless. They said, “O, now he will not eat us, let us go and play around him, and climb on his body.” Then when the rats came together, the cat got an opportunity, and AAAUG! He took them all into his mouth and ate them. So he is a hypocrite, the viradi vaisnava.


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A Disciple Who Pleased His Guru


This is the duty of the brahmacari, to get up early in the morning, take bath then go out for collection of bikya for the Guru. That is brahmacari’s duty and then return in the evening. Whatever he has collected he’ll give everything to the Guru because that is the Guru’s due, understand? Not your due! If you collected 100Rs, $100 then you give $95 and keep $5 for yourself - no this is not what a disciple does. Everything, cent percent is Guru’s, understand? Yes. Whatever alms you have collected give everything to Guru. 

So early in the morning the brahmacari goes out and then returns in the evening, you see. He has not eaten anything. What he has collected he gives everything to Guru, then Guru will give something to the brahmacari. "Alright take this thing and eat. Then you’ll eat otherwise you cannot eat." "Alright. Guru has not given me anything to eat so how can I eat?” Haa! This is such a strict life, brahmacari life. Thereby one practices how to control ones mind and senses. How to tolerate the urges of the senses, understand? Giving up all desires for enjoyment while staying in Guru’s grha, Guru’s ashram.

cowsThis story of Upamanyu is from the Upanisads. In the Mahabharata there is the episode of the muni named Dhaumya who had a brahmacari disciple named Upamanyu. So the Guru had some disciples, one of them was Upamanyu brahmacari. So Guru gave him service. "You take care of my cows." The Guru’s ashram has cows and calves. It is service to take care of them.

So early in the morning Upamanyu would take the cows and calves out to the forest and in the evening he returns. After some days the Guru marks that Upamanyu is getting fat. The Guru asks, “Upamanyu, what are you eating? I mark that you are becoming fat. What are you eating?” Upamanyu said, “Gurudeva, in the morning till full noon I collect some biksya, that I give to you. In the afternoon, what I collect, I eat.” He said like that.
"Who told you like that! Whatever full noon or afternoon, whatever you collect, everything is mine, yes! You should give everything to me! How do you eat the afternoon’s collection? Does it belong to you? Haa! It doesn’t belong to you, it is mine, Guru’s. I have not told you that thing, how do you do like that.” Then Upamanyu said, “Alright, please excuse, I won’t do that anymore.”
Disciple collecting BikyaSo from that day he didn’t do like that. He gave all collection in the evening to Guru and Guru didn’t give Upamanyu anything to eat. Do you understand? Very strict test. How will you pass the test? If you do not pass the test how can you get the mercy of Guru. Is it so easy? Oh Gurudeva, krpa koren, krpa koren, Gurudeva krpa koren, Gurudeva, please shower your mercy. Gurudeva krpa koren, krpa koren, please shower your mercy, please shower mercy. Is it so easy to get the Guru's mercy? Is mercy so cheap?
So Upamanyu gave the full days biksya, everything. After a few days again Guru saw Upamanyu is getting fatter. So Guru asked, “Upamanyu, what are you eating? You are now giving all the biksya you collect, what are you eating that is making you fat?”

“O Gurudeva, it is very difficult to tolerate this hunger, the urge of the belly, yes. I cannot tolerate. So when I feel hunger I drink some milk from the udder of the cows, yes. I milk the cows and I drink some.” The Guru said, “Hey! Why are you doing like that! That's the food of the calves. You are eating their food, ha! Who told you? Did anyone tell you to do like that? Why are you doing like that?” Then Upamanyu said, “Alright, please excuse, I wont do like that anymore.”
So from that day, the milk drinking was also stopped, no eating. No eatiing, you see. No eating, such strict brahmacari life. Then after a few days Guru marked, “O still he is getting fat, he must be eating something.” Then he asked Upamanyu, “What are you eating now! I stopped you from drinking milk, now you are giving all the biksya you are collecting at full noon and afternoon. I have stopped you from drinking milk, you were doing that thing, still I mark that you are getting fat, you must be eating something. What are you eating?”

“O Gurudeva, it is very difficult on my part to tolerate this urge of the belly. It is very difficult to tolerate. It is very difficult, when I feel hungry. When you stopped me drinking the milk, what should I do? When the calves drink milk from the udders of the cow, some foam is there over their lips, so I lick it. I lick it up. That I do when I feel hungry. It is very difficult to tolerate the hunger of the belly. So I am licking the foam.”
“Hey! Why are you doing like that? Who told you like that? Ha! The calves will lick, why are you licking? Ha! It’s their food. I’ve not told you to do like that, you can’t do it, stop it!” Upamanu said, “Yes Gurudeva, I won’t do it.” So everything is stopped now. All of it, no more eating.

If Guru wont give, will you stay in Guru’s ashram? Chalo!..... No one will stay, baba. Though we have made such nice arrangements: nice apartments, electric arrangement is there, light is there, fan is there and such nice prasad, taps for water. When you turn the tap, you’ll get water, shower, flush latrine. So nice and comfortable arrangements are there for you. You go out in vehicles, yes, no need of walking. Jeep is there, bus is there, two-wheelers are there, 'putt, putt, putt.' Going here and there with such nice arrangements, so then many are coming now.

“O very nice enjoyment is here! Let us go there now.” So many are flocking. But when my Guru sent me here [Bhubaneswar] there was nothing, nothing, was here. This was a quiet out of the way place. It was jungle, no electricity was here. Even in the daytime, no ricksaw wallar would come here. They were afraid to come here. Dacoits would kill you. Such a dangerous place it was. My Gurudeva said, “Go! Stay there! Stay there! Do this service. This is Guru’s order. He didn’t give me any money and he didn’t give me any men. I said, “Dear Srila Prabhupada, you won’t give me one man to help me with my service?..” Srila Prabhupada said, “Why! Why you want a man, no nothing will be given! Go there!” He didn’t give me anything. Alright. Yes, Guru says, “Alright I'll go!”
At that time he told me, “Vaisnava is not alone, Krsna is with Him.” He told me. I thought to myself, “Baba, I am not a Vaisnava.” I thought like this. I did not say so to Prabhupada. My Guru is a Vaisnava. He is always with Krsna, he thinks I am like that, no I am not like that. I am not a Vaisnava, I’ll become a Vaisnava. I have come here and accepted Guru to become a Vaisnava. I have not become a Vaisnava, but Guru says, alright I have faith in Guru’s words and Guru says, “No, you are not alone, Krsna is there.” Alright, “O Krsna be pleased with me....” I said. “So Krsna, You may not obey my order, but you must obey the order of my Guru because he is a dear devotee, yes.” Krsna obeys the order of His dear devotee. So I offer my prayer. “So You must obey my Guru’s order, be with me, O Krsna.”

I only came alone here to Bhubaneswar, nothing was here, no electricity, no water supplies. It was an out of the way place, jungle, very dangerous place, dacoits were there. In broad daylight they will kill you. Guru told me to go there, occupy that land, build a cottage, a mud hut, very humble cottage. Stay there, do bhajan. Cook your own food with your own hand. Don’t eat outside, write my books, translate my books into Oriya. Go out and preach.” He gave me such things to do. So many instructions he gave. Do you understand? Srila Prabhupada said, “Then you’ll take me... I’ll go to Orissa.” He said like that. This is what Guru said. He also said, “You have a patch of land, try to produce something, yes, you produce.” He said to do like that. So I carried out the order of my Gurudeva. Gurudeva said, so I have to do it. I did what he said to do, yes. You follow? I was eating one meal a day. He said, “You cook your own food, produce something, go out and preach. Whatever you get you may cook and eat. Write my books, do this, do this. Develop the land and I want that a nice temple built there. Nice ISKCON centre will develop there, under your leadership, I want that this be done, go and do it.” No men, no money, so? I came here, [Bhubaneswar] and stayed here. First I stayed hither and dither, and tried to build a cottage here. How to build cottage? Some money is required. So I have to collect some money, you see. So everyday I am going, I’m walking and walking. There was no vehicle, nothing. Somebody gives me a cycle, [bicycle] but I don’t know how to ride it. I don’t know, yes. I am such a rascal, unfit person, complete unfit. So I’m walking, walking, going and walking, yes. I am putting a turban on the head and holding one umbrella. I also am carring one lati, I carry one bag, and I go out, preaching, preaching, preaching, thereby I collect some money. One rupee, two rupees.... someone may give five paisa, ten paisa like that.
Then on some day a gentleman may see, "alright, sadhuji, you are hungry, alright  I’ll give, come and eat." So he takes me to that mandir, the temple that is in old Bhubaneswar, Ananta Vasudeva temple. Just like Puri, prasada is available there. So he gives for some days. Some gentleman gave some food there. In this way I maintain myself..... nobody gave so I come back at noon time. Early in the morning I used to go out and collect something. Some rice dhal, subji and then come back and cook. I would cook myself, yes. My Gurudeva had said I should cook, don’t eat outside, I’ll cook it myself. I was cooking kitchori, rice, dhal, subji bas. This kitchori, nice kitchori, yes. Sometimes two or three guests would come otherwise I am eating alone. I give them prasad to eat, alright you eat also. Sometimes I prepare some chappatis and some dalma. Either chappati, dhalma or kitchori and one milk prep.
I was leading such a life, do you understand? Staying here for so many years. Nobody was here, only this National Highway was here. At night time trucks are moving...Grr, Grr, Grr, Grr... and bright light is there. So this is all night head lights are shinning and the highway sound is there. I am alone chanting Hare Krsna, Krsna, my Guru said, “Krsna is there,” so I staying here but then I constructed this mud hut. So I am leading such life. I’m not demanding, there are no facilities here, all this inconvenience is here, no communication, no electricity, no water supply. I am very weak body, how, I cannot cook, I don’t know cooking. I don’t say these things to my Guru. You have to serve Guru, you have to carry out the order of Guru. This is the test, severe test and you have to pass it, otherwise how can you get the mercy of Guru, baba!

So I led such a life and Guru has told me that I’ll bring him here to Orissa. I am doing kirtan, bhajan, sometimes a preaching program in the villages. I collected some devotees there, so kirtan programs, house programs are being held. Some money is now coming, so in this way I did. Understand? Such life I have already lead staying here. One lantern the whole night burning, do you follow? Can you lead such a life? Such a life. This is Guru-seva. Guru has not given anything. This is brahmacari life. How to control one’s senses, yes. Mind and senses. Guru has given you something to eat, then you’ll eat, nothing more. This story of Upamanyu is saying like this.

Guru had stopped everything, Upamanyu had nothing to eat. So one time he couldn’t tolerate the hunger anymore. It has become intolerable. Very difficult to tolerate the urges of the belly, yes. What to do? So he chewed some leaves from bush in the jungle, they were arka leaves, very poisonous. So as a result he became blind, yes. He lost his eyesight and couldn’t return to the ashram in the evening. While trying to return with the cows and calves he fell down a deep well. He is blind.
So back at the ashram, Guru was thinking what has happened to Upamanyu? So Guru is always thinking about his disciples because he has love and affection and he has put him in a very severe test. Guru was thinking, 'I stopped Upamanyu from eating everything. What happened to Upamanyu, he couldn’t return today. Something must have happened to him.' So the Guru and some brahmacari’s went to the jungle, shouting, “Upamanyu! Upamanyu! Upamanyu! Where you are?” So Upamanyu shouted, “Gurudeva, I am here in this blind well, deep dark well. I am fallen here. I have become blind so I fell down here.” Guru went to that well and saw Upamanyu had fallen down there and that he is now blind. “O you have become blind. Why have you become blind?”

“Gurudeva, what shall I do, you stopped everything, no eating at all. The urge of the belly is so severe I couldn’t tolerate it. So I chewed some of these poisonous leaves out of hunger, now I have became blind.” Guru was very much pleased with him. Guru gave Upamanyu one mantra for the Ashvini Kumaras who are the doctors of the heavenly planets. When Upamanyu chanted the mantra the Asvini Kumaras appeared.  

Then the Asvini Kumaras said, "Alright, we are giving you one cake, you eat this cake and you’ll get back your eye sight.” But Upamanyu didn’t eat it. “I cannot eat,” he said. The Asvini Kumaras said, “Why not? You eat it then you’ll get back your eyesight.” Upamanyu said, “No, I can not eat unless my Guru says I can eat. Unless Guru says, “yes eat,” I won’t eat.” The Asvini Kumaras said, “We have given this cake to your Guru, your Guru has already eaten it.”

'O my Guru has eaten it, alright give me, I’ll eat.' you might think he would have said like that. But Upamanyu said, “No I cannot immitate my Guru, he is not an ordinary human being.

acaryam mam vijaniyan navamanyeta karhicit
na martya-buddhyasuyeta sarva-deva-mayo guru
(Bhag. 11.17.27)

He’s not an ordinary human being. How I can immitate? He may eat, but I cannot eat. No. Unless my Guru says, I wont eat. So rather I remain blind and stay here, I won’t eat.” He said like that. Guru became very much pleased and the Asvini Kumaras became very much pleased. Upamanyu past the test. He past the test. Such a severe test. Otherwise how can you get Guru’s mercy baba? Gurudeva krpa karuna, krpa karuna. Disciples are only saying, "krpa koren Gurudeva, please shower your mercy I’m very fallen. I am this and that, you are very merciful, you are an ocean of mercy." Only flattering Guru. “Please shower your mercy on me.” Is it so easy that you’ll get mercy of Guru? You must past the test. Very severe test.

Guru became very much pleased. The Asvini Kumaras became very much pleased. So they showered the blessings and mercy on him. He got back his eyesight and all his teeth became golden teeth. That means he obtained a spiritual body. All Vedic knowledge was revealed to him, yes. He developed transcendental vision, do you follow? No more material desires now. Immediately he was promoted to the spiritual platform.

This is guru-krpa. If you can pass the Guru's test and get the mercy of Guru, it is so powerful that even if one is dumb and cannot utter a word you will become an eloquent speaker of the Vedas. If you are crippled or lame and you cannot move an inch, still you will be able to do mountaineering. Such is the strength of guru-krpa.

Whatever you see here is all the property of Guru and Gauranga. You should think, “It is not my property. It is Guru and Gauranga’s property. I am not the enjoyer. I am a servant. They are to be served. It is Their property. Everything is to be utilized for their service. This service is my eternal dharma. My dharma is not enjoyment. Guru and Gauranga are the enjoyers, not I.” However severe and difficult the order of the Guru may be, a real disciple, a sat-sisya, will carry it out. One must serve Guru at any cost, even at the cost of ones life. “What is the value of my life if I cannot serve Guru and Gauranga and give Them pleasure? I am eternally a servant, if I am deprived of service why shall I survive?” A disciple that has sustained bodily pain for Guru's service is a true disciple. This body is very dear to everbody isn’t it? But a disciple that sustains such bodily pain for Guru's service is a sat-sisya, true disciple. This is what you have to do serve Guru.

Upamanyu was a real disciple, a sat-sisya because he gave the Guru the oppurtunity to punish him, he accepted the discipline ungrudgingly. Punishment from the Guru is mercy. A true disciple accepts the punishment of Guru and passes the test. He did not try to avoid it. Upamanyu was simple. Niskapata means no duplicity is there, no crookedness is there, 'Simplicity is Vaisnavism.'


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Guru Gives the Correct Vision

audio Listen to the full story by Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja

Indian VillageThere is a story. Do you understand? Should I tell you a story? There was one sadhu guru. He had a disciple. So disciples duty is to serve the Guru. The disciple must go out everyday to collect vikya everyday for Guru. Vikya. Do you understand vikya? Alms, alms, in English you may say alms. Sanskrit word is vikya. Vikyam dehe! The brahmacari will go to the householder's doorstep, knock...

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Then the house master will come out, "Yes, what is your business?" "Vikyam dehi, please give me some alms." That is brahmacari's duty. So one day the Guru gave him one spec [glasses] and told his disciple, "Put on this spec. Putting on this spec if you see somebody who looks like a human being, collect vikya from him, otherwise do not collect. Putting on this spec you go out to the village and if you see someone who looks like a human being collect vikya from him, otherwise do not collect vikya." Guru's order should be executed as it is, as Gurudeva has said.

So disciple went out and entered into one village, putting on this spec, but he could not see one human being, no, no. He could not see even one human being. He was very disappointed. "Oh not a single human being is here in this village?" So he went into the next village, next village, next village in this way he, just one after another entered into nine villages, but could not find one single human being, no, Guru Discipleno. Could not find. He was very disappointed. And now it is afternoon, past noon and Guru Maharaja is waiting there. Bhoka he, he is hungry now. Sisya will bring some alms. Some food will be prepared and offered to the Deities, prasada and then Guru Maharaja will accept it. Guru Maharaja is waiting, waiting, waiting but the disciple is not returning. Now it is past noon, afternoon. He thought, "What shall I do? I could not collect any vikya today. What Guru Maharaja will eat today? What shall I give to Guru Maharaja? Alright let me take the last chance, let me enter into the coming village, then I will return."

Indian VillageSo fortunatley in that village he saw two human beings, two, only two, so he got only two handfuls of rice from two persons and went back to the asram. So Guru Maharaja said, "Oh so late?" "What shall I do Guru Maharaja you gave me these specs, you said, "Put on these specs, if someone looks like a human being you collect vikya from him." But one after another I passed nine villages, nine villages I passed, but I could not find a single human being. Fortunately in the tenth village I found only two persons, two human beings, so I have brought these two handfuls of rice.

This is story. Do you understand? What do we mean by this? There are no human beings, all are animals? Isn't it. Because all are running after eating sleeping, defending and mating. Isn't it. What the animals are doing they are also doing like this.


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Admit Your Defective Vision

audio Listen to the full story by Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja

TrainSo giving a simple example. You are sitting in a fast moving train. Many trains are moving fast here. Do you understand? Sitting inside a fast moving train. And look at the trees standing beside the road, what do you see? "Ohh I see the trees are moving very fast backwards." "Oh trees are runnng very fast backward?" "Oh, yes I see!" "Lets come out of train and see wether they are running." "Ohh they are standing still." How do you say what you see is perfect? No defect at all. Why are you so proud of your defective senses? It is simple, very simple. So Admit! Now you admit that your senses are defective. You have four defects. You are a conditioned soul baba! You are a conditioned soul, you have four defects. Now you admit. Do you understand?

Surya DevaThere is a very nice, english poem, 'blind boy.' Do you know it? When I was a teacher I was teaching this poem in the school. So that boy was born blind, he had not seen the sun. Those people who are not blind, who have eyes, those who see the sun, they speak about sun. "Oh night has gone now, darkness has gone now, sun has arisen, bright sunshine is there. Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! They say like this. So the blind boy is hearing this thing. "What? What are you saying? Sun has arisen? Night has gone? Broad daylight? Bright sunshine? What is that? What is that sun? I cannot see sun? Where is that sun? I cannot see sun? The sun makes their day and night. I make my own day and night. When I sleep that is my night. When I am awake that is my day. I make my own day and night. What is that they say? The sun makes their day and night. Is there sun? Well where is it? How is it? What is that sun?" You see, he says like that. "Don't disturb my peace by speaking about sun, I curse on you. I curse on you! Don't disturb my peace by speaking about sun." The blind boy says. "Are baba, you are blind, from very birth you are blind. You have not seen the sun. Those who are not blind, those who have eyes they see the sun, they speak about sun, why don't you accept it. Why don't you accept it." Do you understand? Admit yes, I am blind. From very birth I am blind. I have no vision to see the sun. Those who have vision they see, they speak about it. I have to accept it. I have to accept it.

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Sri Vigraha is Non-Different from the Lord

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Saksi Gopal

Saksi Gopal story is there, how Gopal Deity came to give witness! If it is idol, can an idol walk? That story is there. Two brahmans went out for pilgrimage. There was an old brahman and young brahman. At last they came to Vrndavan, Gopal Mandir. The old brahman said, "I am very grateful to you, you have helped me so much. You have rendered so much service to me, therefore I was able to come here and visit so many holy places. I am very grateful to you, so I promise I will give my daughter in marriage to you."

The young brahman said you are saying, true, are you sure? Can you do it?
"Oh yes!"
He said, "You are saying here, but when you get back to your village objections will come. Family members will raise objection, your wife will raise objections, brothers will raise objection, your son will raise objections, because I am not equal status with you. I am a poor man, I have no education. You are a rich man and I am a poor man. You are learnered, I am a fool, ignorant fool, I have no education. And you are a high type of brahman and I am a lower type of brahman, not the same status. So this objection will come. Can you keep up your words?"
Brahmin"Oh yes! She is my daughter."
"Alright, this may arise, then question of witness will come up, who is witness of what you have said? Say it before the Gopal Deity and both of us will accept Him as witness."
"Gopal You are witness." If circimstances arise, He must go and give witness. This thing will definately take place. So he made Him witness.
"Alright Gopal You are witness now. I promise that I will give my daughter in marriage to this brahman."

They went back. The old brahman expressed this promise and objection came, yes definately. He said, "I have promised in Gopal Mandir in Vrndavan and made Gopal our witness."
"Ohh! He is a statue, idol! An idol will come and give witness?" All laughed. Because they are great offenders. They says idol. Pasandi sah naraki sah, he is a pasadi and naraki, must go to hell and suffer there. The sun is giving such bright sunshine but the owl cannot see. Only a bhakta can see how He is not an idol. He is directly the son of Nanada Maharaja, pratima naha tumi — sakshat vrajendra nandana, [Cc. Madhya 5.96]. Isn't it? He talks with the Deity, he plays with Deity, he dances with Deity, he eats with Deity, it is all loving transactions with Deity and all loving reciprications. A bhakta knows he has such devotion, such eye, vision also. Abhakta, non-devotee cannot see, cannot undertsand it. Those who are non-devotees will say, "Ah, a Deity will come, an idol will come? Forget it. Forget it."

brahminSo one month, two months passed, why is he not coming? That young brahman came to his village. They all came out, sons, brothers with stick in hand, "Get out from here! You come here to marry our daughter, nonsense. You gave some poison to our father and made him mad. Only a mad man has said like this. Get out!"

So then he called all the gentleman of the village and explained, this is this and this is this. "Fact is now they are coming to beat me and drag me away." Then the gentleman asked, "Is it true?"
"Oh yes!"
"He has said like that?"
"Oh yes, definately!"
"Who is witness?" Then question of witness came.
"Yes, at the Gopal Mandir in Vrndavan before Gopal vigraha we have accepted Him as witness!" He explained this thing.
"So will that Gopal Deity come and give witness?"
"Oh, definately He will come." Because a devotee has such firm faith and he talks with the Deity.
"Alright bring your witness, witness will come and we will accept it and we must force him to give his daughter in marriage to you."
So that young brahman went back to Vrndavan and went to Gopal Deity and said, "Alright Gopal now You have to go and be witness now, we have already accepted You as witness. That time has come."
The Deity talks to His devotee and the devotee talks to Deity, yes. The Deity said, "Have you seen that a Deity will walk, that a Deity will go somewhere?" Then that brahman said, "You are talking why You will not go? Are you a stone idol?"

pratima naha tumi — sakshat vrajendra nandana
vipra lagi' kara tumi akarya-karana
[CC Madhya 5.96]

"My dear Lord, You are not a statue; You are directly the son of Maharaja Nanda. Now, for the sake of the old brahmana, You can do something You have never done before."

"You are not idol, You are directly the son of Nanada Maharaja."

This is the reason the devotee talks with the Lord. It is a fact.

"Yes, yes I have to go now, I have to go and be witness."

Saksi Gopal

Saksi Gopinatha is here in Orissa in the village of Satyavadi, you can see. He came from Vrndavan to give witness. Understand? The Deity form is non-different from the Lord.

Saksi Gopal Temple

Sri Saksi Gopal Temple in the village of Satyavadi, 12km from Puri

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audio Listen to the full story by Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja

Lord RamaSo Vibhisana came to take shelter at the lotus feet of Lord Rama. So when Vibhisana came to take shelter, at that time, Lord Rama gives shelter, yes, when one comes to take shelter at the lotus feet of Lord Rama He will never refuse it, gives shelter, sarana-raksaka. So He was going to give shelter. At that time, those who are the advisors of Lord Rama said, "Don't give him shelter. He has come from the enemies' camp. He has come here on the plea of taking shelter but he is doing the work of a spy, yes." His advisors said like that.

At that time Lord Rama told a story. Once a person was passing through a dense jungle. A tiger came out and tried to devour him. Fortunately, that person climbed up a tree and saved his life. The tiger had developed that greed to drink human blood. So the tiger came and sat down at the root of the tree and saw that a monkey was there in that tree. So he thought to established some friendship with the monkey. He said, "O my brother monkey, we are friends and human being is your enemy, your eternal enemy, yes. When you jump from one tree to another tree and eat fruit, the human beings throw stones at you. Sometime they shoot guns at you. Sometimes they set their dogs to chase and catch you. And they also cut down the trees. They are your enemy. It is not wise to be with your enemy, yes, it is dangerous. You are intelligent O my brother monkey. Your future is very, very dangerous if you stay with your enemy. I am now very hungry. I need food. Please push him down, push that human being down so I will get food and our friendship will remain intact. I will be very grateful to you."

tigerThe monkey said, "O my brother tiger, I understand what you are saying, but the human being means he is a superior species and we are inferior animals. His consciousness is superior. Human being also has dharma. We are animals, we do not have no dharma at all. We do not know what is dhama and what is adhama. We don't know. I am an animal my consciousness is very, very inferior. I don't know what is dharma or adhama, still my conscience says, the person who is in danger, to save himself has taken shelter here, how can I put him in danger again? My animal conscience does not say so." The monkey said like that.

tigerThen the tiger thought of another way. The tiger now spoke to the human being, "O my brother human being, I am very hungry now, I want food. I did not devour you, I let you go. You are a human being, you have dharma. Isn't it your dharma to give food to the hungry? That is your dharma. You are a human being. So you push down this monkey! So I will get food and you can keep up your dharma."

The human being thought of, 'yes very good, very good.' So he pushed down the monkey. The monkey fell down just before the tiger but the tiger did not eat the monkey. Nobody eats monkey flesh. The tiger had developed greed for human blood, why he will eat the monkey. Again the monkey climbed up the tree and sat down on an upper branch.

monkeyThen the tiger said, "O my brother monkey, you see what I was saying, the human being is your enemy, but we are friends. He pushed you down but we are friends. I did not do any harm to you. I let you go. But what he did? Your eternal enemy, this human being pushed you down just before my face. Now you tell me what is your duty to this ungrateful man? He should be taught a very good lesson, yes. Such an ungrateful man. You should push him down now. You push him down so I will eat and he will also get a very good lesson."

The monkey said, "Man maybe ungrateful, yes but though we are animals we are not ungrateful." Therefore, Lord Rama took the help of monkeys and bears. They are not ungrateful but human being is ungrateful. Man may be ungrateful, though we are animals we are not ungrateful.

lord ramaSo Lord Rama told this story and said, "O human being you are considered a superior type of species still you are keeping this history of ungratefulness which is not shown in the society of animals. This is my mission I have descended here to establish all sorts of idealism in the human society. This is my mission. If someone comes to take shelter of Me I never consider his past history. Who is he? What is his history? He is from enemies camp. I never think of it. Whoever comes to take shelter, I give him shelter. I never think of his past history. Vibhisana is our friend. From today he is the commander and chief of our soldiers, he is our follower, nobody should cherish any doubt towards him. All should pay attention to it." He said like that. This is an ideal friend.

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A staunch devotee of Lord Rama and teacher of dasya-bhakti

audio Listen to the full story by Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja

Sri GarudaOne day from Dwarka, Krsna sent Garuda to bring Hanumanji. This story is in Brhad-Bhagavatamrta. "Garuda you go to Hanuman. Hanuman is there kim-purusa-varsa. Please tell him I want to see him, he should come here." Garuda went there and saw Hanumanji was engrossed in chanting Rama-nama. Garuda said, "Hanumanji, I have come from Dwaraka, Krsna has sent me, He wants to see you, please come." He didn't listen, he didn't listen. Two, three times repeatedly he said but he didn't listen. Again the fourth time he said but Hanuman gave a great lash with his tail and Garuda was thrown up and fell down in Dwarka in front of Krsna.

Sri Hanumanji chantingKrsna could understand what had happened. Krsna said to Garuda, "What did you say?"
"I said, Krsna wants to see you, Hanumanji please come."

"Ah! Why did you say Krsna? Why didn't you say Lord Rama wants! Go again! Don't say Krsna say Lord Rama wants you to come." Because his master is Lord Rama, not Krsna, though there is no difference between Lord Rama and Krsna. In tattva there is no difference.

Again Garuda went there and said, "Lord Rama wants to see you, Hanumanji!"
"Oh why didn't you tell me my dear Lord wants to see me? I must go!"

Garuda said, "Alright sit on my back I will fly you there."
"Hey you get out! I don't need you. You go. I am going." So before the arrival of Garuda, Hanuman had already arrived there. Garuda arrived there in Dwaraka he saw Hanuman sitting there with folded hands.

Sri Hanumanji

rama laksaman janaki jai, bolo hanuman ki
jai bajrananga ki jai, bolo hanuman ki

jai rama laksaman sita ki, jai bolo hanuman ki
jai sita-pati rama ki, bolo hanuman ki

Hanumanji ki jaya!

Bajrangiji Hanumanji is such a staunch devotee, dasya-dasa of Lord Rama. He is still here to teach us dasya-bhakti, alright.

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